Monday, December 31, 2012

Cosplay Summary 2012

So every 31st of December I'll be making a sort of "Cosplay Summary" until this blog dies. :)

Tifa Lockhart - Cosplay Challenge 3

Lots of flaws on this one XD My first cosplay. I was incredibly chubby and I put the ribbon wrong. :P This was also the first time I competed in a cosplay competition.

Dragon Slayer - Fantasy Quest II

My first ever cosplay prop! Yay :D I also improved my makeup skills. And so far, this is my most UNcomfortable costume ever. The gauntlet kinda stops my blood flow XD

Mio Akiyama - Grand Pop Culture Fair

My first time to cosplay with my un-twin sister! <3 Also my first time to cosplay in SM Megamall. Had so much fun with this one, and finally perfected my 'moe' face. :P

Megurine Luka (Matryoshka) - Halloween

Yay a wiiiiiiig~ XD I had a bit of difficulty putting the Matryoshka patterns on my face (blame my shaky hands) and the wig was reaaaally weighing down on my head. -_- Better get used to it.

Megurine Luka (Casual)

This was just for an impromptu shoot with my brother while we were on vacation in Tagaytay. This was when my brother said that we should do more shoots in the place, next time with a more proper cosplay. 

Tifa Lockhart - December Toycon

An improved Tifa! Did better with the make up and poses, tied the ribbon in the right place and finally got those red contact lenses. I lost weight so I think it suited me more this time.

Morgiana - Ozine Fest

Hello group cosplay! :D Made the pendant by myself, but had trouble with the leg straps. Also I really loved my cute red wig here! >w< 
I definitely improved on my make up skills and I learned more about posing. I also met a lot of friends and encountered a few enemies along the way. This year, I learned a whole lot more about the cosplay world.
I'm just beginning the journey, so I hope to improve more this 2013! Wait for it! :D

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