Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heart-touching Photo

I saw this photo being passed around on Facebook the other day. I really can't help but smile at it, and the message it conveys.

If you don't understand the photo, the girl is cosplaying as Hatsune Miku.

And before you say "She doesn't have a proper wig" or "That's not Miku, she's all covered up" and all that, please do read on first.

From the photo I can assume that she's Islam/Muslim, or she's a member of such religious group. Some said the photo was taken at Jakarta.

I think it's awesome.

I think it's awesome that she stays true to her passion for this hobby, yet remain loyal to her religion. Not many people can do that.

I like most about this is her courage. She's not afraid to profess her love for both cosplay and religion. She likes doing it, so what?

I'm aware that there is such thing as 'discrimination', even in the cosplay world. I think there's much discrimination towards Muslim cosplayers, black cosplayers, chubby cosplayers and the like. I want this photo to remind people to let others do as they please.

So what if she's not pretty enough? Or sexy enough? Or fair-skinned?

As long as we keep doing what we love, we're bound to do what's right. ;)

According to some people, they say the cosplayer's name is Deanty? I'm not sure. Whoever she is, I LOVE YOUR COSPLAY! <3

Do inform me if you know her ^_^

UPDATE! I found her World Cosplay account:

That's all, thanks for reading~
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