Monday, December 17, 2012

December ToyCon/7th Christmas Toy Fair (Day 3, December 16, 2012)

Sunday cosplay again! :D This time, the third day of the December ToyCon! ♥

Held at SM Megamall once more. This time, cosplaying as Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Yep. Me. Haha. 
Met up with my friends as soon as I dressed up. Did the hair and makeup at home, and wore my costume underneath a shirt to make things easier for me XD
From left to right: Cy as Aisaka Taiga, Pearl as Reborn, me, Ate Pat as Madoka Kaname.
Many people! Many cosplayers! :D

Saw a lot of awesome cosplayers, but didn't get much pics T^T Because a lot of people were asking for a photo with me. I was actually late when I came in, because of the heavy traffic O.O So dizzy when I came in LOL.
My good friend, John~
Because we can. XD
Yep, I'm a dancer, so I can do that kind of pose easily. I can't do a proper split, though. But, yeah, high kicks and half-height straddle jump I can do. :P
I found an awesome Cloud! ♥ Yeah CloTi~
I went into the event with 30 coscards. Left the event with only 10 left and 1 coscard from Ate Zhy ♥ I got her Tokiya (UtaPri) coscard. >w< I think I'm in love~ XD

Shanna Palileo! ♥
Roamed around the event center and got off some cool stuff 8D My bro got his SCANDAL pin, LM.C and the GazettE pins for me~ Woot woot XD And also got myself a gothic lolita maid headband.
Hihihi :3
If you want to see more photos, check them out here. :)

Thanks for reading~
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