Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cosplay Idols: Zeek Santos

Yay for male cosplayers! :D Hahaha~ So yeah the next cosplayer I'll feature is one awesome dude.

He is..

Zeek Santos from the Philippines
As the male genderbend of Insane Black Rock Shooter.
He's awesome. I know reyt. XD

Zeek's an awesome cosplayer~ He's really good-looking (calm down ladies) and he's an awesome props maker. You want proof? Well he makes his own stuff. Armor, props, weapons and all. Click here to see his works. :)

Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy! *w*
Did I mention he's awesome? Haha :D
He's also the president of Black★Rock Shooter Project Philippines! :) It's a group exclusive to Black★Rock Shooter cosplayers. Huge group, awesome people. Awesome president, of course.

Group photo! :D Find Zeek. Hahaha :D

If you're asking: YES, he accepts commissions. :) You may inquire him if you want to join his awesome cosgroup.

As Kaito of Vocaloid. >w<
He's a really nice person ^_^ Very friendly and accommodating, not only to his customers but to everyone he meets as well :)

He makes cute papercrafts as well >w<

Sorry for my crappy photo. XD
I first saw (saw, not met XD) Zeek at Cosplay Challenge 3. He was cosplaying as Insane BRS. It was awesome *Q* I've always wanted to meet someone who was into BRS (moreover, a guy), and then BAM! Haha XD

Calm down ladies. XD

As Kaito, Sandplay Singing of the Dragon version.
Warmachine from Iron Man~
Hibari Kyoya. That chick on his shoulder... hahaha XD
I know this is the third time I showed his Insane BRS cosplay, but come on. It's awesome. XD
We all know who this is. XD
In his Vampire Knight Night Class uniform. I think he'll make for an awesome Zero, don't you think? ;)
So if you want to contact him, here's his Facebook and his Twitter accounts ^_^
Thanks for reading~
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