Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ozine Fest (Day 2, December 29, 2012)

So this was what I was busy about this weekend..

A new cosplay! Hahahaha :D Yay~

This was my so-called 'December Cosplan'.

Morgiana of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Me. Yeah. Derp.
Event was held at SM Megamall, at Megatrade Hall 3.
I went to the event with our Magi cosgroup <3
(L-R) Cy as Pisti, Pearl as Alibaba Saluja, Aki (not me) as Judal and me as Morgiana.
Pity our Aladdin wasn't with us :( But the next time we cosplay Magi, we'll surely have Aladdin! :D
Of course, we can't do without AliMor.
Lots of cosplayers now! :O Especially (awesome) crossplayers.
I don't know why but this event wore me out a lot -_- I went home SUPER tired. LOL and had super dirty feet when I went home XD

My Alibaba <3
Met lots of awesome cosplayers and photographers :D
Hey Zeek. :D
Infinite Stratos \m/
Of course you can't go to a convention without having shots like this one,
We had so much fun in this event! :D
See you in conventions next year :3
Thanks for reading~
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