Friday, November 16, 2012

Cosplay Idols: Ashy Kurai

Ok, so this cosplayer is someone whom I also know personally ^_^ She's awesome, she's hot, she's bishie..
Ashy Kurai from the Philippines

As Kaito (Panda Hero! version) from Vocaloid
She's a girl. *Q* Iknoereyt. At first (like Aiashi) I thought Ashy was a boy. She looks bishie, c'mon. //bricked

I was shocked when I learned that Ashy was a girl, because I really thought that she was a very cute boy. OwO
As Kagamine Len (Spice! version) So hawt. >w<
I can't count how many times I asked Ashy about the cosplay XD Which she patiently answers every single time. She's a really helpful and friendly person, and I really hope we do get to meet in person~

Dirk Strider of Homestuck~
She really is an awesome person, I tell you~ And, for some reason, Aiashi refers to her as her 'gheylord'. Enlighten me. XD

Before I get sappy and cheesy and throw my mushy feels all over the place, let's proceed to picspam.

As Kagamine Len, The Lost Memory version.
As World is Mine version of Len, with Andie as Rin~
As Lil Cal. Cute and creepy~
As Youtube. OwO
Her original character. Reminds me of Tokiya of UtaPri, somehow..
If you want to reach Ashy in any way, here's her FacebookdeviantArtTumblr and Twitter.
That's about it for Ashy <3 //claps

Thanks for reading~
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