Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cosplay Idols: Aiashi Faust

Ok, so the next cosplayer I'll feature is a person I find reaaally awesome. B-) She's an awesome crossplayer.. at such a young age! So cool. >w<

*I own none of the photos here, okay. None.

So my featured cosplayer is..

Aiashi Faust from the Philippines
Aiashi as Enma Kozato of KHR.
A little story of how I met Aiashi (via Facebook):

I first saw her as a friend of a friend of mine (Ashy Kurai :D) and I thought, 'Wow, this guy looks cool'. So I added her up in Facebook. And then I was scrolling through her cosplay photos (and fangirling all the way) until I saw her dressed up like a girl.

Aiashi as Misaki Mei of Another.

I was like "OMG SHE'S A GIRL?!?!" XD Then I realized how blatantly unobservant I was. :P When I messaged her, and asked her if she's a guy or not, she told me I was the 14th person who thought that she was a guy XD She's a really good crossplayer, come on..
Aiashi in all her bishounen-ness. Bam, you're pregnant. XD
I regretted not going to Cosmania because I really wanted to meet her T^T But I hope we get to meet in other events. ;)
Aiashi as USee and Shanna Palileo as SeeU. :)
She's also my favorite Mukkun cosplayer. x3

Mukkun :D With Shin Kiyono as Muro-chin >w<
Moar pics. :D
Fem!Switzerland with mini-Austria of Hetalia :3

Alvaro Garay. *Q*
So! If you want to contact Aiashi in any way, here's her Facebook, her deviantArt, and her CureCos account. :D
Thanks for reading!~
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