Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cosplayer Problems: Eyebrows

I'm hearing a constant complaint because of this eyebrows thing.

When you cosplay a certain character whose hair definitely doesn't match yours, what do you do?


So you do wear a wig. But big problem: your eyebrows don't match. :O
Yeah, I tried to color my brows here. But my eyebrows are thick -_-
So you color them~ XD

Colored eyebrows :D I used a combination of light concealer, white eyeliner and pink eyeliner/eyeshadow.
According to many different awesome cosplayers, the best way to color your eyebrows is to apply a layer of concealer on them and draw your eyebrows in using eye shadow and an angle brush/sponge applicator.

For me, it's most effective to cover my eyebrows with a bit of concealer, then use white eyeliner to prime the color, and then eyeshadow/eyeliner. I also use an eyebrow brush.

I have seen some tutorials which require applying non-toxic glue stick on your brows, then adding eye shadow.
There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to color your brows, so I do suggest that you go and search for them~
To thank you for reading. Have some Kaname :D I do not own this photo.

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