Monday, November 12, 2012

Trial: Geisha-inspired Makeup and Megurine Luka Makeup

So I did a makeup trial earlier. >w<  One, geisha-inspired and two, for Megurine Luka.

Sorry for the bad quality photos. T^T I did the trial in the bathroom, and I only used my phone's camera. So pardon for the bad photos! (-/\-)

My attempt at a geisha-inspired makeup. Eye shadow only, no eyeliner/mascara.

I used violet first to add a slight tint and then used brown to create a slight wing. Then, from the wing, I used purple and colored it to the inner corners to have a 'gradient' effect. Then I used midnight blue to darken the area near my lashes.

Megurine Luka trial.

Ok, I want to improve my Megurine Luka cosplay, especially because she's one of my favorite Vocaloids. Therefore, improvement of makeup. No eyeliner/mascara here too, eye shadow only.

I used beige for the base and then deepened my lids using pink. (Now I just realized the pink doesn't show much orz) I used white at the inner corners as highlight. (Works well if you're wearing contact lenses.)

So.. comments? Suggestions?
I'm quite new to makeup so pardon my nonexistent skills.. please do share your opinions so that I may improve~
Thanks for reading~
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